Brain Enhancement And Longevity
for Attorneys & Professionals

 Course Instructor Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D. 

Outline for 3 Hours CLE Credit,
including .5 Hours Professionalism Credit

Hour 1:
Optimal Brain Function and Professionalism

Brain Function Preservation and Professionalism
Cognitive Erosion and your Law Practice
Signs of Trouble in Thinking and Memory
Short-Term Memory Loss: Why itís here today, gone tomorrow
The Mood-Brain Health Connection
Myths vs. Realities: Brain Shrinkage, Static I.Q., Aging

Hour 2:
Assaults on Brain Function

 Issues of Aging, Stress, Illness and Poor Nutrition
The Cortisol Discovery
Neurotransmitters and Serotonin
Effects of Caffeine, Sugar, and Chocolate
The Prime Enemy of Brain Function
Avoiding the Tragedy of Alzheimerís Disease
Itís Never too Early to Save your Brain

Hour 3:
Enhancing Your Brain

 Antioxidants:  Their Role in Protection
The case for Red Wine: Research on Beneficial Effects
Nutritional Therapy:  Paying Attention to New Studies
Exercise and Brain Regeneration
Stress Management and Optimum Brain Power
Theta Brain Waves and Enhanced Cognition
Top Ten Strategies for Brain Enhancement

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