Managing and Reducing Stress
for Attorneys & Professionals

 Course Instructor Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D. 

Outline for 3 Hours CLE Credit,
including .5 Hours Professionalism Credit

Hour 1: 
Potential stress factors and how they affect your law practice
National Institute of Health criteria: determine current stress level and danger factors
Ramifications of stress on brain function
New research RE: damage to brain by cortisol and other stress hormones
Potential damaging effects of stress on the body
Immunity: the disaster of stress

 Hour 2:
The stress cycle and its relationship to cognition
Perceptual filters: how and why our  history affects our stress levels
How stress can be managed for efficiency and clarity in law practice
The cognitive approach to managing the inception of stress sources of persistent, underlying anxiety affecting performance
Control: How real and believed sense of control affects stress levels

Hour 3:
Healthy coping skills: when stress factors are out of your control
Personal insurance against errors and omissions: planning for time and stress Methods to break up effects of physical stress
Techniques to boost the immune system
Focusing and relaxation techniques to increase cognitive performance in your
law practice

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