12 Essential Leader Communication Skills:

Transforming Communication Offenders

A Seminar by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

Seminar Outline


This seminar is a great refresher on interpersonal skills. We were in need of this excellent course, both for communication between managers and from manager to employee.
-  P. L. Stevens,  President, Ithaca Peripherals,   Ithaca , NY  

    1. Unconscious Anti-Communication
          How to welcome communication

    2. Tuning Out
          10 sure signs that you're not listening and how to reform

    3. Body Language Illiteracy
          Reading "sub-verbal" messages that may alter meaning,
          so you can give appropriate feedback.

    "Bull Elephant" Style
          How to professionally modify a "charging" style:
          yours or that of an employee

    5. Dictator
          What to do when "straightforward" feedback is interpreted
          as harsh and abrupt

    6. "Stealth" Communication
          A quiz to help you recognize and defuse stealthy tactics

    "Losing" the Listener
          How to help your listener stay on your track

    8. Failing to "Flex"
          Accommodating different styles and backgrounds

    9. Fuzzy-focus Syndrome
          Dealing with distractions and lack of concentration

    10. Sending Mixed Signals
    Techniques to help your staff live up to commitments

    11. Confrontation Phobia
          How to disagree amicably and productively

    12. Emotional Flooding Interference
    How to keep feelings about others from influencing
           evaluation of ideas

    Copyright 1998, 2001 by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D. and LifeKraft Institute International