Building High Morale in Your Team:

How to Raise it Right

Creating a climate of commitment, integrity and esteem

 A Seminar by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

Seminar Outline


    How upbeat are your people? High morale affects the bottom line, as great attitude is conveyed to customers in every interaction. Customer loyalty is generated through repeated, consistent, positive experiences. Higher retention is another benefit of deliberately generating high morale in your team, as studies show that an enjoyable work environment is one of three leading factors in job decisions. This seminar takes you through leading edge research on what makes a team tick and how to build a group that is more efficient, more charged up, and more on board with you! The results: you keep good employees, raise customer loyalty and reduce operational problems.  

    Part 1

    y   High morale: what it is, what it does, how it makes your life better

    y   Workplace empowerment: how it can all be smoother

    y   The three keys of workplace morale:

    what they mean and how to put them in place

          1.  Building an environment of community

          2.  Acknowledging the need for personal influence

          3.  Developing trust and openness


    Part 2

    y   Assess the motivation of your restaurant crew: 18 essential keys

    y   Six ways to build a crew into a strong team

    y   How to build “group identity” to build the bottom line


    Part 3

    y   How to encourage taking initiative

    y   Fostering ownership and accountability

    y   How to learn from mistakes without further damage

    y   Tailoring your leadership style

    y   Setting up your game plan to build to the next level


    Copyright 2001 by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.