Walking the Talk:

Turning Good into GREAT Leadership

A Seminar by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D., CEO LifeKraft Institute

Seminar Outline


CNN recently featured the 25 best business leaders of the past 25 years. Audiences saw Sam Walton do the hula on Wall Street and Herb Kelleher celebrating with his Southwest Airlines crew. Shouldn’t more leaders be let in on the secrets of their success? Not only do great leaders seem to have more fun, they show higher profits, lower operating expenses and lower attrition. And they’re healthier. In this seminar, you’ll review the successful attitudes, tactics and strategies of great leaders and how you can implement those skills in your workplace. That information will give you lower stress, better health and more fun. Guaranteed. 

Part 1

y   What kind of leader do you want to be in your business?

y   Three ideals to own so that others will want to follow you

y   Involvement: coach, mentor, hands-off – what is your preference?

y   Customer Loyalty: Customers react to your impact on your people


Part 2

y   Walking the Talk: Fostering enthusiasm for the business

y   What Southwest Airlines and Starbucks can teach every leader

y   Ten ways to help your team identify with your business Vision

y   Walking the Talk: Accountability and Taking Initiative

y   How to get your team to direct and motivate themselves more


                                     Part 3

y   Walking the Talk: Communication Delivery

y   How to ensure that what they’ve heard is what you meant

y   Walking the Talk: Listening and Body Language


Part 4

y   Walking the Talk: Reward and Recognition

y   How to make sure incentives motivate rather than discourage

y   Why performance appraisals help you retain crew and stay sane


Copyright 2002 by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.