Managing Stress


Attorneys and Accountants

with Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

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Outline for 6 Hours CPE, CLE Credit: States of Georgia and Florida

Hour 1:

Potential stress factors and how they affect your practice

Using National Institute of Health criteria, determine current stress level and danger factor

Define sources of stress and anxiety, both in law practice and in personal life

Prioritize major current stressors

Hour 2:

Ramifications of stress on brain function: short-term memory, cognition, decision-making

New research RE: damage to brain by cortisol and other stress hormones

The stress cycle and its relationship to cognition

Perceptual filters: how and why our entire history affects our stress levels

Hour 3:

How stress can be managed for efficiency and clarity in law practice

The cognitive approach to managing the inception of stress

Unearthing the sources of persistent, underlying anxiety that affects your performance

Control: How real and believed sense of control affects stress levels

Healthy coping skills and mechanisms: when stress factors are out of your control

Hour 4:

Cognitive problem-solving for stress

A reassessment of time management

Insurance against errors and omissions: planning for time and stress

Exercise in rational/cognitive problem solving using primary and secondary strategies

Hour 5:

The emotional component of stress: how it can run or ruin a situation

Ten effective methods for dealing with stress that has flooded emotional response capacity

Exercises: Identifying Time-Outs, healthy methods of release

Understanding the choice and responsibility aspects of response to stress

Hour 6:

The potential damaging effects of stress on the body

Methods to break up the effects of physical stress

Immunity: the disaster of stress

Methods to boost the immune system

Focusing and relaxation techniques to increase cognitive performance in your law practice

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