Time & Life Management 

for Attorneys and Accountants

with Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

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      877-LIFEKRAFT (877-543-3572)

Outline: 3 Hours CLE Credit

Hour 1:

Common indicators of a lack of adequate time management

Assessing your productivity for indication of time management flaws

Getting a clear perspective on your career and life values

Clarifying values for producing focus on priorities

Hour 2:

Proven psychological and organizational strategies for accomplishing more in less time

Exercise in focusing, targeting and strategizing

Equipping yourself to deal with recognized barriers, blockages and self-sabotage

Using mental energization strategies of Olympic athletes to stimulate superior productivity in law practice

Hour 3:

Taking a brutally clear look at how you manage your time

How to plan and produce a productive week, month and year

Scheduling time to get organized: filing system, ancient files, day planner, case planner

Taking action on priorities; releasing non-"payoff" activities

Keeping a Time Log -- not only of billable hours

Energizing: Planning, reviewing, project managing to know exactly where you stand on every commitment, promise, meeting, deadline and court appearance.

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