Conquering Stress and Burnout
with Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

Hour 1:
Potential stress factors and how they affect your brain, immunity and productivity
National Institutes of Health criteria: determine current stress level and danger factor
Define sources of stress and anxiety, both in business and in personal life
Prioritize major current stressors

Hour 2:
Ramifications of stress on brain function: short-term memory, cognition, decision-making
New research RE: damage to brain by cortisol and other stress hormones
The stress cycle and its relationship to cognition
Perceptual filters: how and why our entire history affects our stress levels

Hour 3:
How stress can be managed for improved efficiency and clarity
The cognitive approach to managing the inception of stress
Unearthing sources of persistent, underlying anxiety that affect your performance
Control: How real and believed sense of control affects stress levels
Healthy coping skills and mechanisms: when stress factors are out of your control

Hour 4:
Cognitive problem-solving for stress
A reassessment of time management
Insurance against mistakes and single-hemisphere function: planning for time and stress
Exercise in rational/cognitive problem solving using primary and secondary strategies

Hour 5:
The emotional component of stress: how it can run or ruin a situation
Ten effective methods for dealing with stress that floods emotional response capacity
Exercises: Identifying Time-Outs, healthy methods of release
Understanding the choice and responsibility aspects of response to stress

Hour 6:
The potential damaging effects of stress on the body
Methods to break up the effects of physical stress
Immunity: the disaster of stress
Methods to boost the immune system
Focusing and relaxation techniques to immediately reduce stress and strengthen health

# # #


Communication Skills: Clear, Concise, Credible