Dealing Productively with Change

   Part 1:  First Responses to Change

  •    The realities of life and business
  •    Shock, loss, anger: What to do with the rush of emotions
  •    The stress of upset: Methods to defuse a potential bomb

   Part 2:  Processing the Realities of Impending Change

  •    Techniques to handle indecision, ambiguity and lack of certainty
  •    Identifying options and potential outcomes
  •    Assessing impact on family, living conditions, opportunities
  •    How perceptions, judgments and attitudes affect stress levels
  •    Stress management methods to assist mental clarity

   Part 3:  From Chaos to Solution-Seeking

  •    Managing feeling of chaos
  •    Acceptance, optimism and pessimism
  •    Building and enhancing resilience
  •    Developing positive group synergy

   Part 4:  Commitment to Embrace Change

  •    Assimilating Change
  •    Action planning for the next phase
  •    Risk and opportunity



Communication Skills: Clear, Concise, Credible