Banks and Professionals

SEMINARS for the Financial Industry

Communicate to Motivate
for Bank Managers & Supervisors

Customer Service and Professionalism
in Your Bank

SEMINARS for Attorneys and Accountants

Handling Stress and Avoiding Burnout 
6 CLE + 1 Professionalism

Managing and Reducing Stress
3 CLE + .5 Professionalism

Brain Enhancement and Longevity
3 CLE + .5 Professionalism

Time and Goals Strategies





Dealing Productively With Change

Communication Skills: Clear, Concise, Credible

Emotional Intelligence And Productivity At Work

Mind Management Tools For Exceeding Quotas

Conquering Stress And Burnout


VIDEO SERIES for Motivational Leadership

Management Video Series
Communicate to Motivate for Managers and Supervisors

  • Guide your people to new performance levels

  • Deal with difficult employees

  • Be informed about management news and trends

  • "Walk the Talk" as a powerful coach