Customer Service and Professionalism

In Your Bank

A LifeKraft Institute Seminar


Part 1:  Meeting and Greeting -- in person and on the phone

y   A new opportunity every day: making a great first or fiftieth impression

y   How to make your banking customers feel comfortable and appreciated

y   Banking Professionalism: your words and your attitude

y   Business Appearance: clothing and accessories to look professional 

y   Business Etiquette: introductions, handshakes, names, grammar

y   Body Language: your body must send the same message as your words

y   Five keys to representing your bank courteously on the telephone

y   How to master the art of listening: 7 techniques to sharpen your skills

                       Part 2: Outservice Your Competitors

y   The critical importance of customer service

y   Effective methods for building customer loyalty in a high-tech time

y   "Benchmarking" customer service: how to set standards of excellence

y    How some banks become known as a pleasant place to do business

y    The role of internal customer service

y    Becoming a real team with your coworkers

y    The right and wrong ways to say "no"

y    How to use the teamwork of your group as a support system

Part 3:  High Customer Service in Difficult Moments

 y   How to transform complaints into valuable feedback

y   What to remember when dealing with difficult situations

y   How to avoid costly misunderstandings

y   What to do when your customer is a poor communicator

y    Three keys to dealing with an angry customer

y   Actions to take when you, your department, or your bank is at fault

y   Remaining calm: managing yourself when you're at the end of your rope

y   How to take a positive lead smoothly

Copyright 2001 by LifeKraft Institute International and Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.