Celebrating the SECRET SELF!
by Liah Kraft-Kristaine

    Self-Esteem is the starting point of our lives. Our judgements about ourselves form an inner environment. They shape what we dare to hope and dream; they shape what we dare to do. A dysfunctional self-concept can completely mask and diminish our abilities; a healthy self-image enhances our innate talents and abilities and leads us on to the true potential of our lives.

    NOW! This audio program helps you to distinguish between the different skills involved in building self-esteem. This new "Eight Cylinder Model" powers you with the tools to examine all aspects of self-judgments to determine which ones are working for you or against you. As you uncover and release feelings and memories, you go forward to re-create yourself and your life.


6-Cassette Audio Program ISBN 1-878095 - 23 - 4
LMI #L304 $39.95