LifeKraft Company Profile

LifeKraft Institute, as a division of Life Mastery Institute, has been delivering business and personal education since 1988 to Fortune 500 companies and other organizations in over 400 cities on four continents. Founded by Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D., LifeKraft Institute delivers training and motivational keynotes based on the revolutionary concepts of "Emotional Intelligence". Related topics include communication skills, goal achievement, handling workplace change, stress management, and emotional intelligence in the workplace. LifeKraft's Smart System, three video-based training programs are now available for management communications, business and well-being.   

      Answering the need for a variety of convenient delivery methods, LifeKraft provides training in a variety of ways: 
               On-site seminars 
               Video education 
       As a result of such flexibility of training, organizations can decide whether to set aside a day for training or an hour at a time, whether training will be onsite or at a distance, and whether training will be available as an onsite library for further reference.

LifeKraft Institute provides education in four major areas:

1) communication and motivation skills for managers and supervisors;

2) business and well-being skills for professionals and staff;

3) personal development topics;

4) speaker training and presentation development

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Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.


has a successful track record of assisting organizations in improving productivity, employee well-being and the bottom line.  She is an award-winning  international speaker and author of seven books, including the best-selling 30 Days to Happiness, which brought her to the Oprah Winfrey Show. As the founder and CEO of LifeKraft Institute International, her focus combines well-being with achievement and business productivity. 


Liah is well known for her work in emotional intelligence in the workplace, stress management, communication skills and sales motivation. She has a unique background in business, law, communications and television which she has successfully combined to bring a wealth of information to the training, speaking and consulting she provides. She was an IBM account executive in computer sales before becoming both a practicing attorney in Atlanta and CNN broadcaster with her own show segment. She later served as a head scriptwriter and legal expert on a television law series in Hollywood. Her additional experiences as a house designer and  "hands-on" builder, contributes realistic and concrete evidence for her achievement, visionary and motivational presentations. 


Liah has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows, including her own PBS television special, The Myths of Happiness. Her message has changed the lives of tens of thousands worldwide, from the U.S. and Canada , to Australia , New Zealand , Asia and Europe