Liah's Seminars

Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D. 

has created and teaches the most powerful methods known today to help individuals and businesses recharge and reshape.

When you want to increase job productivity and employee satisfaction, Liah is the speaker for you!  Her programs are founded on fifteen years of research and writing about emotional intelligence.  Whether Liah leads a seminar or delivers a keynote speech, participants praise her humorous, high-energy motivational style and her lasting practical impact.

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LIAH'S KEYNOTES AND SEMINARS encompass, but are not limited to the following:



"Liah Kraft-Kristaine is one of the most dynamic, powerful and inspiring speakers of our time."
Dr. Wayne Dyer, best selling author.

"Liah's information and techniques for enhancing ability and attaining goals were right on target for this competitive business."
J.D. Heidbreder, Branch Manager, IBM

"Thank you for presenting the delightful seminar, "Lifestyle/Stress Management." Our managers expressed their appreciation to me for having arranged such an energizing presentation. It is apparent that we all need to be reminded of the things that can enrich our lives and help us better perform our jobs."
Judy Box, Employee Development Manager Department of the Air Force

"You can allow life to happen to you, or you can make life work for you. Attaining success, highenergy, health, satisfaction, and operating at your peak levels is not a matter of chance."
- Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D

Liah is ...

International Speaker / Television Host / Best-Selling Author:  30 Days To Happiness

Attorney: Emory Law School
/ Author of six books / Creator of audio cassette programs / FormerIBM Marketing Representativ

Host of PBS Television Special / Former CNN Broadcaster / Guest on nationwide radio
and television programs including CROOK & CHASE and the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW!

"Living masterfully is a learned skill. Technologies, tools and systems are available to you."
                                                                                                                 - Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.


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