Health & Well-being


Nothing is more important than preserving, protecting and enhancing your health. The courses listed here affect your health in the most profound ways. Learn to boost your system when you are in times of stress that you can't control, learn to control aspects of stress, understand what boosts your brain and what damages it, learn how to detoxify and rid your system of dangerous disease-producers, understand what vitamins and minerals are essential and what they do. You'll find all of that information and much, much more in these tele-seminars. And you'll have an easy way to remember this information with the audio program we send to you of the seminars. 
Each Seminar Duration:  60 Minutes

Seminar Cost:  $39.97
Includes audio download of actual seminar!
Seminar Cost with no audio download:  $29.97

 The Happiness-Health Connection
l How happiness and stress affect your immunity
l What stress does to your brain
l The benefits of happiness and laughter
l How to enhance your Body/Mind Connection

How to Deal with Overwhelming Stress
l Ten things to do when you're beyond the brink
l What you have at your command always
l What to do when you can't control the stress
l Meditation: what is is, how to do it

Eating for Strengthening Immunity
l Foods that take care of you
l What to eat when you're tired and upset
l Three rules of thumb for cooking
l What you should drink to power up your health