Leadership Skills Training

LifeKraft offers Twelve leadership training Tele-Seminars in the communication and emotional intelligence area.
Who should attend? Managers, supervisors, heads of work teams, managers in training and prospective managers.
Duration: 90 Minutes     
Cost: $67 /Seminar

1. Fundamentals of High Workplace Morale - Starting with You

l The three essential tools for retaining and attracting good employees
Your teamís viewpoint: six key questions you must be able to answer

2. Your Workplace" Morale Assessment and Group Identity

l Measure your teamís motivation with 18 traits of highly successful teams
Why continuously building group identity is critical to your success

3. Leadership Styles Today: What Works, What Doesnít

l Coach, counselor, mentor: how do you know how involved to be?
Three ideals you should adopt to be a leader others want to follow

4. Walking the Talk: Delivery Methods and Dialogue Styles

l Six barriers to effective communication and how to improve them
How to ensure that what theyíve heard and assumed is what you meant

5. Walking the Talk: Listening, Empathy and Accuracy

Five essential actions you must do consistently in order to be trusted
Body Language: what are your eyes, arms, shoulders and feet saying about you?

6. Walking the Talk: Accountability and Taking Initiative

l How to get your team to direct and motivate themselves more consistently
Gaining respect: how to promote upward communication

7. Walking the Talk: Commitment and Passion

l Why you must make your words and actions match high commitment

l "Enrollment": ten ways to help your team identify with the "Vision"

8. Mistakes & Problems: Reap Rewards without further Damage

l Reprimanding: nine guiding steps to positive discipline & corrective action
Negativity Issues: how to communicate desirable behaviors

9.Communication Strategies Roundup: Issues and Answers

l The 12 major communication offenders and how to transform them
Getting clear on the differences between criticism and coaching

10. Strategies to Reduce Burnout & Stress: Yours and Theirs

l The five danger signs of overstress and why managers must respond
What stress does to your memory, cognition, and creative abilities

11. Formal and Informal Incentives

l Salary plans, rewards, recognition: what motivates, what destroys
What you can offer as incentives when you canít offer raises or promotions

12. Action Planning, Goals Monitoring, Performance Reviews

l Appraisals: an absolute necessity that doesnít have to be painful
Why you must set the game plan and how to do it the right way