Self-Esteem & Soul-Esteem Tele-Seminars


The most important personal development work you can do in your life is to get your self-image clear. Your self-image and self-esteem affects everything in your life: your dreams, your success, your friendships, your income, your education, your decisions, your loves. Everything. Do all you can to heal what hurts and grow what needs to be empowered. Q & A is part of each seminar.
Seminar Duration:  60 Minutes
Seminar Cost:  $39.97
Includes audio download of actual seminar!
Seminar Cost with no audio download:  $29.97

 #1  Self-Acceptance:
        How to embrace and release the past

Do you wish your past had been different? Are you still angry at yourself for decisions youíve made? Understanding the foundation of all healthy self-esteem. Self-forgiveness. Energy for the future.

 #2  Self-Nurturing:
       Sending healthy signals to your subconscious

Are you "taking care of yourself" in the four most important ways?
Is anything standing in your way? Identify any barriers to your well-being.

 #3 Self-Respect:
         If you donít respect you, who will?

Are you able to ask for exactly what you want? can you ask other people? Can you dare to dream big? Learn what kind of asking is healthy and understand how to convey respect for yourself so that others, in turn, will respect you.

 #4 Self-Worth:
         Open your arms wide!  

How much can you receive? Does happiness, achievement, satisfaction, or love elude you? Evaluate your ability to accept good into your life and learn how to open your arms wider!

 #5 Self-Trust:
          Develop your inner compass  
Can you trust your emotional reactions? Do you follow your intuitive nudges? Listening to and acting upon our instincts others may not understand is imperative for healthy self-esteem.

 #6 Self-Belief:
          I believe I can fly!   

How much stock do you place in your own ideas and plans? How often do you allow yourself to express independent thoughts that arenít shared by the majority? Independent thinking and believing in yourself are hallmarks of healthy self-esteem. Learn how to do that!

 #7 Self-Confidence:
            Hit your stride in life!    

Do you procrastinate? Do you fear change? Are you uncomfortable when asked to learn new things? Self-confidence is about certainty -- certainty that you can learn what you want and need to learn, certainty that you can roll with the punches, certainty that you can land on your feet. Learn how to develop this essential skill!

 #8 Competency:
            Create with vision!    

Can you vividly see your dreams for your future? Can you feel and taste how you want it to be? If not, whatís in your way? Identify it and dissolve any obstacles. Learn the skill of visualization and "extreme vision" -- what Olympic champions learn as they prepare to accomplish their highest dreams. Those skills will take you to your highest dreams!

 #9 Self-Determination:
         Take life by the horns!   

Do you get hung up on obstacles? Does your energy die just when the goal is finally in sight? Do you get intimidated and give up a dream before itís even begun? Maybe those dreams arenít just a "gleam in your eye" but are your lifeís missions. Learn how to develop the "muscle" of hope and persistence to reach your goals!

 #10 Self-Approval:
              Become perfect parents to yourself          

How do you love thee? And how comfortable are you with receiving love from others? Is it important to give yourself praise, to be your own cheering squad, to appreciate each step you take? Learn how to give yourself approval and the secret benefits of doing it well and consistently.

 #11 Love-Ability:
           Grow a big heart!     

How comfortable are you with other people? Your ability to give love and acceptance of others, to refrain from criticism and judgment of others, and to interact comfortably is key to your ability to have what you want in life. When you love and accept others, you increase your ability to have success in life. Learn the secrets of what loving others does for you!

 #12 Connectedness:
           Your Sacred Self        

What is life all about and what is your place in the big scheme of things? Itís never too early to get answers to these questions because the answers directly affect your self-image, and the health of your self-esteem. In fact, understanding who you really are and your place in the Plan, in Divine Order, in Life, or whatever you want to call it, should be the most important answer we seek.