Mastering Wealth



Tape A Side 1: Essence Energy And The Source Learn to conceptualize the raw energy of our universe and to feel your intrinsic part in it. This step is the foundation for understanding the real nature of prosperity. Side 2: Getting Clear On Money And Life Uncover the barriers holding you back from the wealth you desire. Learn to clear out any doubts, fears or negative ideas about the nature of life and money.

Tape B Side 3: Clearing Your Self-Image Your dominant thoughts about yourself either attract or repel wealth. This cassette helps you release doubts about your worthiness to have, earn and keep money and to live a wealthy life-style. Side 4: Powering Your Wealth Image Essential to creating prosperity. Train yourself to create a new, strong self-image as a wealth-deserving person.

Tape C Side 5: Upgrading Your Motivators! Learn to transform energy-draining motivators such as fear and security needs into the powerful, positive motivators of excitement, joy and adventure. Side 6: Defining The Targets What do you want and where are you going? This process will help you define your short and long-term prosperity goals.

Tape D Side 7: Desire, Will And Focus Learn to develop and enhance these three critical aspects of creating your dreams. Increase willpower, concentration, mental purpose and internal fire. Side 8: Opening To Receive You can only have as much as your subconscious is willing to allow you to receive. These processes help you to open to receiving more abundance.

Tape E Side 9: Transforming Desire To Expectation "As you believe, so is it done unto you." How do you change a want into a feeling that you will have it? These techniques will show you how to grow the belief necessary for manifesting. Side 10: Electrifying The Expectation Circuit Charging up your desire into absolute certainty and radiating it. How to stoke the fire of belief into a powerful surge of energy.

Tape F Side 11: Manifestation Techniques Learn techniques that propel your mental images into powerful thought-forms which affect people, events and things. Side 12: Trust , Gratitude And Giving Trust is the absence of doubt. These processes help you to release, find reasons to be thankful in advance, start the flow of energy through giving and make a stand on trust.

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