Well-Being Education

How would it feel to wake up every morning full of energy and at the top of your game mentally? LifeKraft's Well-Being Education brings you the best and latest information on health, reversing aging, weight loss, energy improvement, immunity boosting and brain enhancement. You can also learn to strengthen self-esteem and grow emotional intelligence skills, both of which affect your health and energy dramatically. All of this information is available through our seminars, retreats, tele-seminars and in our entertaining new monthly video series (see below), 
Healthy Balance!  

ANNOUNCING: Our Hilton Head Rejuvenation Retreat:  
Jumpstart your total transformation! Enhance your life, your appearance, your energy, your knowledge. Liah teaches a 4-day, 3-night retreat at the beautiful beaches of Hilton Head at various times during the year. 

For more Info, click:  Hilton Head Retreat Info


Wellness Video Series
Healthy Balance For Busy Women

  • Build health and immunity

  • Rediscover your personal life balance

  • Enhance your brain and memory

  • Learn total relaxation and stress management