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LifeKraft Institute, LLC

Life-Changing Courses and Education on four continents since 1992

Empowerment, Brain Enhancement, Happiness,
Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence

Business Building, Marketing, Media & Speaking Skills, Leadership, Communication, Prosperity Building



“I have learned to own what I do, develop my signature story and a 90-Day Marketing Plan, and much more, all of which have helped me to move from a place of being stuck to that of moving forward in a positive direction. She has really helped me to crystallize who I am as a Life-Relationship Coach and to zone in more clearly on the benefits that I have to offer the people that I serve.  I am so thankful for her!”
    –  D. Veronica Hislop, MSW, RSW

“Thank you so much for writing “30 Days to Happiness”! I often find myself carrying it around like it’s my Bible. It’s during these hectic times that I have found the old negative thinking habits return because I had put “my happiness book”aside. I then return to your book in order for it to carry me back to that positive, reassuring and calming sense of “HEALTH, PEACE, JOY, and LOVE! I want you to also know that my son listens to your CD’s in the car with me on the way to school!”
   –  Robin H Peeples

“Liah’s intuition is always right on target, seeing through any barriers I have unknowingly put up to block my forward movement. I have been coached by Liah over several years – both in business marketing and in happiness (E.Q.) skills — and I highly recommend her!”
  –  Julie Vaala Noland, Artist, Teacher, Business Owner,,















“Liah’s Happiness Program gives clear, step-by-step, guidance for real life change. She is all about taking your life in your hands and making it work for you!”
         – Oprah Winfrey

“Liah was able to help me develop a sense of clarity and direction at a level I have not enjoyed for some time. She helped me to refocus, preparing me to break through self-imposed limits! I would highly recommend to anyone seeking growth, personally or professionally,to ask for her guidance.”
   –  John Dockrey

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