After finding a system to beat her chronic depression and low self-esteem over two decades ago, Liah Kraft-Kristaine loves to share the secrets of how she changed herself and her life so that others can also make huge strides in their lives. Now a best-selling author and worldwide speaker who has appeared on Oprah and other national TV shows, she teaches courses on how to overcome depression, reach and maintain happiness, create more prosperity, and raise self-esteem to go after dreams. After healing herself, Liah reached several of her own goals:  She became an attorney, a CNN broadcaster, a PBS TV host, a Hollywood head writer on a TV series, a house builder, and has authored over 12 books!

Liah has helped tens of thousands worldwide with her books and seminars. She is clear, down to earth, and entertaining. She has presented in nearly 500 cities on four continents, and has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television shows, including the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her top-rated PBS television special, “The Myths of Happiness”, was acclaimed nationwide. 

In 2000, she launched LifeKraft Centers, training  LifeKraft Leaders to become certified life coaches. In 2010, she founded LifeStar Academy,  a foundation to help teenage girls with no families who are aging out of U.S. foster care to learn employment and life skills and entrepreneurship, and be supported with emotional intelligence skills. 

Liah’s work has been called “a literal life-saver”, “transforming”, “a life-launcher!”.  Spanning from the psychological to the spiritual, Liah’s emotional intelligence/peak performance work transforms lives. Now, as a speaker and business/personal coach, she offers several life-powering and business enhancing e-courses that are delivered online — accompanied by her monthly LIVE Zoom Q & A sessions!