ATTENTION! Info Experts, Speakers, Biz Owners

A: To use this Pandemic to unlock
the Super-Power of your brain,
switch on your “Biz-Brilliance”, &
DOUBLE your Success in 30 DAYS!

  • Discover how reaching a calm, clear mindset helps you to attract nearly miraculous ideas and business opportunities
  • Understand why intellectual knowledge isn’t enough; the support power of brain focus, certainty, and resilience must be reinforced over time, for real change
  • See how daily practice on your focus and mental states re-patterns your brain pathways for more energy & ideas
  • Learn to switch into the brain’s creative hemisphere to ignite new products, solutions & fabulous marketing results
  • Do more with less time and be more relaxed, confident, and optimistic

This weird time on our planet
can really screw things up for entrepreneurs!

DO YOU . . . ?
Wake up in the night feeling more uncertain about the future than you ever did before this pandemic hit?

Sometimes find it difficult to focus on your short-term and long-term plans and the steps to get there?

Fear having lost business, dropped plans, re-worked events, or cancelled business travel?

Feel discouraged, disheartened, or even somewhat depressed?

IF your answer to any of those questions is “YES!”,
that’s not surprising, BECAUSE . . .

– You may have found that your business model doesn’t work now.
– Some of your clients may no longer be able to work with you during this time.
– This pandemic may last longer than any of us predicted.
– You know you have to find new ways of doing, basically, everything.

– You may feel angry or frustrated.
– You may feel disconnected and isolated.
– You may feel like it’s pointless to plan for the near or distant future.
– You may have lost someone and you’re grieving.

– You may feel like you’re starting all over.
– You may feel overwhelmed and disheartened.
– You may feel depressed.


– Exhausted.
– Low in confidence.
– Scared.
– Wanting to stay under the covers.

That’s understandable.
But it’s not okay to stay in that stuff.

Grow your Happiness & Genius . . .
Get control of what you can control,
whether the attack is from outside — or inside!

. . . Many years ago, my life was “under siege” from a series of events (divorce, death, leaving my attorney job) that caused me to unexpectedly go into a shell-shocked state. External events plus my own tendencies contributed to my becoming unable to work or write, unable to think clearly. After five months of depression and anger at myself, I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel.

I had to SNAP OUT OF IT!
One morning, I was jolted out of sleep by a force that pushed me to start writing a daily program that would lift me up. That program truly saved my life. I wrote it and used it daily, marking off the days. Day by day, I became stronger, clearer, and more resilient, far better than ever before!

Liah & Oprah Winfrey

. . . continued to work on my mindset, my energy, my future vision.

I turned my program into a book. Random House wanted to publish my book, as they had for two of my novels, but I went with another publisher who published it immediately. Then, 30 days later, a producer from the Oprah Winfrey Show called to invite me to be a guest expert on “Oprah” with my happiness program in my book “30 Days to Happiness”.

After that show, I had speaking invitations from all over the world.

Over months & years, even more, “miraculous” opportunities showed up!

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve coached hundreds of people who have then created extraordinary success.
And I have my own wins:

  • Speaker in over 450 cities on 4 continents
  • Best-selling Author of several books
  • CNN Broadcaster on my own Show Segment
  • PBS Host of my own Television Special
  • Head Writer: “Superior Court” TV Series
  • Former Practicing Attorney
  • Business Coach: Entrepreneurs & Authors
  • CEO: LifeKraft Life Coaching Certification Program
  • Featured on Oprah Show + 100’s of shows
  • Over 40,000 have used this program
  • Taught EQ Techniques to Fortune 500 groups
  • Have “course-corrected” myself endlessly
  • Believe business should be a fun challenge

24 Reasons Why You Must Have This Course for Your Business.
You’ll Learn How to:

  1. Take charge of your brain to do its best work: find new clients, customers, products, methods & marketing,
  2. Strengthen the most important business tool: Your Mental/Emotional Well-Being Energy
  3. Use your entire brain, rather than 1/2 of it (and why you may only be using half right now)
  4. Cultivate your brilliance by doing a couple of simple steps each day
  5. Create new neural pathways in your brain over a period of 30 days for greater success
  6. Reduce your stress level in 30 seconds

    Get 2-3 Times More Done with Your Time!
  7. Learn how to eliminate distractions FAST and re-focus for business results
  8. Put out the fire of anger, frustration and agitation to navigate problems better
  9. Build brain skills daily, with a systematic, step-by-step system
  10. Dissolve age-old internal barriers and self-sabotage
  11. Free your self-image to take more action toward opportunities
  12. Get more physical energy, stamina, and strength

    Leap Out of Ruts and Slowdowns!
  13. Discover how to develop 30% more of your brainpower
  14. Develop laser-like focus to improve your memory and retention
  15. Start using the daily plan that will make you unstoppable
  16. Work with your sub-conscious mind to see new roads to financial success
  17. Find out what may be holding you back — and cure it
  18. Understand and unravel fear and learn to use it to your advantage

    Become Like a Magnet for New Business!
  19. Get more optimistic and confident using a 3-Step method
  20. Eliminate old negative beliefs to get out of your own way
  21. Unlock the incredible power of your imagination for immediate business growth
  22. Super-charge your creativity to create better business products and offerings
  23. Become the person that new opportunities seek out
  24. Program your mind for great prosperity and success!


For 30 Days:


4 Business Mastermind Sessions with you /
LIVE with Liah on Zoom !!

All will be recorded and available to you for replay.

  • Creative Marketing Strategies
  • Video & Media Appearances
  • Leveraging Your Time and Effort
  • Your Story & Business Persona


For a VERY limited time, I am offering you a ONE-ON-ONE 30-Minute Business Consultation with me!

THAT is a Value of $250.00 for you, no strings attached, for reasons that you will see below.

In a session with me, I will give you insights into how you can create greater success.


As a business consulting client, I have gone to business consultants who charge over $2,000.00 per hour. I was happy to walk away with one or two nuggets of gold from each session.
Would you pay $2,000.00 for one session? $1,000.00? $200.00?

Each Day of this 30-Day Course is like having your own personal or business coaching session. You’ll gain at least one nugget per day.

Multiply that by 30, and you’ll see that the VALUE is $3,000 – $6,000, not even including the BONUS FOUR-SESSION Business Mastermind LIVE Course, which has a value of $1500.00.

$497.00 very soon.

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I want this to be easy!
I want you to have this!
I’m including a 30-Day


You’ll havmuch more focus, energy, optimism, and health!

Your business decisions and implementations will feel effortless, smooth and successful.


You’ll be bursting with creative ideas.

“To be successful in your business and your life,
your FIRST goal should be to be happy more often,
to be more intensely happy,
and to choose happiness consistently!”

-Liah Kraft-Kristaine

With Warm Wishes for Your Success,

P.S. Dear Soon-To-Be Friends,
If you have been anxious, uncomfortable, or on the edge of your seat during this strange time, don’t let your energy be wasted any longer.

This is the time to fortify your foundation: Your Mindset & Brain. Eliminate the dead weight of uncertainty, lack of focus, or any other distraction that slows you down or pulls you back from your vision or your dream. Double your success in 30 days!

Try this TODAY. You’ll be amazed at the power it creates in you.
And very soon, you’ll understand what I mean when I say, “Miracles start happening in your life.”

It’s real. The information in this program is the MOST IMPORTANT THING that you, or any of us, can learn in our lifetime.

Your business investment is a modest $197 with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The value of the Bonuses alone is $1750.

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