30 Days to Happiness: Setting Yourself Up to Win in Life!


A Life-Changing Program in a Book, praised by Oprah Winfrey on national TV!

Plus a BONUS for you– an opportunity to join a monthly LIVE online Q&A session with author Liah Kraft-Kristaine and get your most important questions answered!

This life transforming program book was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show! Why did Oprah’s producers call Liah? Because this book is a jewel –a fast, easy way to go from down to up, from timid to confident, from powerless to bursting with energy and knowing that you can make your life work!

Step by step, and day by day, you are guided by Liah to use new actions, thoughts and attitudes. You grow stronger, you shine more, and you understand so much better how life works. And now that you know the keys, you can never go back to forgetting who you really are, and the power you have to shape your own life into what you want it to be!

This program of daily processes will guide you step by step into a strong and shining self with a new, fulfilling life!


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