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My Story:  For years, I had struggled with paralyzing depression that slowed down everything I tried to do.
I really didn’t know where the depression was coming from or why it happened when it did.
I often felt down even when good things were happening.

Then, I really hit rock bottom when three events happened in a bundle: my divorce, a decision to leave my attorney position, and the death of my mother. I felt like a failure, especially after having had such lofty dreams and goals. But at least, I now could identify where some of my sorrow was coming from.

And then, after months in my “Dark Night of the Soul”, I was jolted out of my shadows by an experience that was other-worldly, an experience that made me bolt out of bed, and scared me into pulling myself together.
I had heard a shouted message from no one that I could see: “Liah! GET A GRIP!”  I heard it again, then words of admonition: “USE WHAT YOU KNOW! You’re not using what you know!”
My next steps were coaxed, coached, and guided — every single day, for over 40 days.

With unseen help, I started writing a program for getting myself happy. Day after day, I wrote until I didn’t hear any more words. I didn’t stop writing daily for more than a month. When I stopped, I knew I had written a program that could change my life, and the lives of many others. IT HAS. More than 40,000 people have used this program.

For me, it required repetition. I had been in a deep rut for even longer than the nearly six months of deep depression I had just been in. Being unhappy, finding flaws, projecting negatives, was so ingrained in me that I went through my 30-Day program a second time, using a calendar to track myself. Then, a third time.
I felt like a gigantic iceberg was moving off of me slowly, but steadily. I started to feel like I could really breathe! And THEN… I woke up one morning with such a sensation of lightness that I felt more FREE than I had ever felt in my life. Free of the weight I had dragged around for years, free of the fear, the negatives, the dark. Free to choose, free to hope, free to expect good, free to feel worthy. . .

Liah Kraft-Kristaine on the Oprah Winfrey Show with her 30 Days to Happiness program book.

. . . worked on myself diligently and consistently. I became more grateful, more optimistic, more positive about the possibilities for my life. And then, a producer from the Oprah Show called me early one morning and invited me to be a guest expert on her show! (Magic and Miracles in my life!) In short order, I went on to land my own live television show segment on CNN (“What’s Hot in Books”), become a head writer on a legal series in Hollywood (“Superior Court”), and launch a television special on PBS based on my happiness program (“The Myths of Happiness”) that was one of the top fundraisers for PBS at that time!

The REAL “Secret” of “The Secret”
is to light up the core of YOU.
Then, all else is possible.


Growth and benefits in such a short time for course participants!
Discovering happiness is stunning and uplifting. In using the 30 Day Happiness program for just a short time, I find I am acting on my own happiness, my own health. Growth is taking place now each and every moment. The joyful discovery I am making is that I m losing my bitching power. My environment is already benefiting from it!
                                                            –Jacques Cyr, Montreal, Canada


So, if YOU are ready to attract opportunities, have miracles in your life, and “up your game” in every way, dive into this program.


  •  Take charge of your brain   

  •  Manifest your goals and dreams so much faster with this “missing piece”

  •  Build upon new happiness skills daily in a clear, easy,  systematic way 

  •  Dissolve internal barriers

  •  Feel more happy and upbeat in less than 3 minutes

  •  Finally eliminate old negative beliefs

  •  Make your self-image work WITH your happiness 

  •  Build skills to overcome problems immediately

  •  Use a step-by-step method for OPTIMISM  

  •  Discover the daily plan to make you unstoppable

  •  Work with the power of your subconscious mind

  •  Find out what’s holding you back and cure it

  •  Use fear to your advantage

  •  Develop laser-like focus

  •  Watch your life change in positive leaps

  •  Discover how even a little more happiness helps you to  go forward faster 

  •  Unlock the incredible power of your imagination 

  •  Program yourself to receive the success you deserve

  •  Double your energy by focusing on positive images

  •  Use 30% more of your brainpower — proven results

  •  Vastly improve your health

  •  Have more friends and wonderful opportunities

  •  Boost your income and goals attainment

  •  Be in control of the direction of your life  

  •  Dare to see a beautiful future for yourself

  •  Get this program for less than the cost of ONE session with a therapist!

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You truly can change your life in 30 days or less. You can lift up fast out of a dark place, or you can use these techniques to leap from
“Just Okay to AWESOME“!
I have seen it happen to hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs, and executives I have coached, and I’ve seen it in my own life. I have taught the secrets, skills and wisdom of Happiness Training (also known as Emotional Intelligence Training) to individuals and in corporations for many years – in nearly 500 cities on 4 continents.
Oprah Winfrey featured me and this program on her show. Over 40,000 people have already benefited from it! Many Universities — Yale, Harvard, etc. –promote E.Q. as being far more important to your success than your I.Q.– and I have learned that if you will work with this training for as little as 30 days, you will change your brain and your life for the better!

And NOW, I’ve created for you
of my E.Q. / Happiness Training


  • 30 videos

  • 30 audios

  • 30 book chapters

  • 30 workbook chapters
    – Delivered to you DAILY by email for 30 days


If you truly are ready to get more out of your life, feel extraordinary, and create your dreams so much faster, you can join me for 30 days — at your own pace. AND you can review everything again and again.
This program will be yours forever!

Thousands have used this program for both their business and personal lives, getting clarity, energy, focus, and happiness. You, too, can change old patterns in 30 days! No other training will take you so far, so fast! And I back it up with my money-back Guarantee!!

“Liah’s Happiness Program is truly life-changing.” 
~ Oprah Winfrey     






If you know that you want to join now, just click below and you’ll be part of my training program RIGHT NOW.   For a limited time, it is ONE-HALF the REGULAR PRICE of $197!

Right now, it’s only $97 !!


For a short time, this Course is ONLY $ 97 !!
This offer ends on June 22 at midnight.

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I welcome you to JOIN ME in this LIFE-CHANGING, UNIQUE adventure where I will be with you LIVE online for interaction multiple times.  I wish you MORE HAPPINESS, MORE OF THE TIME, AND MORE CONSISTENTLY!